The Trust makes a wide variety of grants to charities and individuals. Please see our latest set of annual accounts for details. In addition, we refer here to some recent case studies.

Funding a Gap Year
Isabelle Yeung – Honduras
Isabelle has recently returned from Honduras where she spent a year teaching in a school with Project Trust, with the help of a small grant from the Ferguson Trust. Here is her report.

Hector – South America
The Trust awarded Hector £300 to help fund his gap year.  Hector visited South America with Raleigh International.  Here is his report

Kim Best – Nicaragua
Kim visited Nicaragua with Raleigh ICS and helped on a water and sanitation project.  Here is her report

Ellie Frankland – Chile
To read how Ellie spent her year volunteering in Chile, click here

Grants to Charities
Growing a Future in Malawi
Thank you for your generous grant of £20,000 in August 2016 towards our project in northern Malawi to help 2,652 disadvantaged farming families lift themselves out of poverty. Your support has helped them grow enough food to eat throughout the year and earn a living to pay for essentials such as education for their children. It has also strengthened local governance structures and encouraged people to play an active role in local decision making to bring about long-term improvements in their communities. To find out more please click here for their report.

It’s water with a swing: A case study of Kamoto village
The Allan & Nesta Charitable Trust supported the implementation of a Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) project in 16 communities in Mchinji district, Malawi, leading to more than 1,880 people having access to safe and clean water. The communities were chosen for the project based on their critical need for safe water and demonstrated commitment to support and sustain the project. To find out more please click here.

Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile
The Centre applied to the Trust for funding for an educational project to help unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees who had arrived in the UK under the age of eighteen.  All the young people attending the Centre have PTSD and have experienced violence and the loss of key attachment figures.  Their educational work comprises three strands: weekly English classes for those who have had very limited education, fortnightly music workshops to provide tuition in piano, drums and guitar, to build the young people’s confidence and self-esteem and to re-develop their capacity for creativity and learning, and fortnightly Philosophy Workshops which aim to help young people who have been forcibly expelled from their communities to explore ideas, develop and articulate their thoughts and to learn to deal with widely divergent opinions as well as learning to listen to and be listened to with respect.

The Trust awarded a grant of £5,383 in July 2016 to the Baobab Centre.  Please see their end of year report here.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
In 2016 the Trust made an award of £35,000 to Kew for a project in Zambia aiming to put the trade in highly endangered edible orchids on a more sustainable footing.  Please see their report on the project after one year, here

Children Change Colombia
In 2016 the Trust donated £11,500 to Tiempo de Juego, Children Change Colombia’s partner, working to protect children at risk of forced recruitment and gang violence near Bogotá.  Tiempo de Juego’s project uses innovative arts, drama and music activities, to encourage children to explore the challenges they face in their daily lives and help them develop the skills to overcome these. In this way, Tiempo de Juego equips children with the tools needed to create a safer community and forge a brighter future for themselves. To see their report please click here

In December 2014 the Trustees of the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust helped to fund Oxfam’s education project in Niger with a grant of £30,000.  By January 2015, a total of 4, 486 pupils were enrolled in the 18 schools involved in the project – up from 2,700 children when the project began. To find out more please click here for their report.

Ripple Africa
The Trust awarded a grant of £10,000 to Ripple Africa in October 2014 and they have now completed the construction of a girls dormitory at a secondary school in Malawi.  To see their report please click here.

Zambia Orphans of AIDS UK
The Trust supports a project run by Zambia Orphans of AIDS UK in southern Zambia.  In 2012 we awarded a grant of £14,705 which has helped to supply children with uniforms, stationery and shoes. To find out more about this please click here.

TESSA – The Open University
For a number of years the Trust has supported the Open University and in 2012 we awarded the OU £1million to help fund their Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa project.  Please see their recent report. To find out more about this please click here or visit the TESSA website for further information.

Educational Grants
The Trust supports a number of individuals with part funding for their post-graduate studies in partnership with various Universities, for example:

Loughborough University
In 2017 Loughborough University celebrated 10 years of partnership with the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Trust.  Since the first Loughborough University Development Trust Africa (LUDTA) scholars graduated in 2007, the scheme has provided funding for a total of 51 postgraduate students from Africa. The support received has had a significant impact on students and their vision for the future. The scholarship recipients speak enthusiastically of the memories and relationships they formed at Loughborough and the lasting inspiration they have taken into their careers.  To see more please click here.

University of Manchester
Please see the reports we have received from some current recipients of scholarships, studying at The University of Manchester. To find out more about this please click here.