Claude – MSc Medical Virology – Rwanda
ClaudeI have very much enjoyed my studies and my time at The University of Manchester so far. What I enjoy the most, though, is the UK’s challenging education system, with its interactive and supportive lectures. The course has certainly met my expectation in terms of the knowledge and skills I have gained from my lecturers.

The scholarship has allowed me to make new friends and network with eminent lecturers and researchers, and I hope to collaborate with them in the future. I have also been able to save some money from the scholarship that I have used to address my family issues. Finally, I feel I have built up my confidence as a result of the theoretical and practical skills gained from the course.

My Master’s degree will benefit to me in so many ways. One of the most important benefits is that I will be able to advance in my current teaching career through promotion. I will also be able to apply the knowledge I have gained from the degree to improve my teaching upon my return home. To me, my scholarship means change, success, and a future.

I don’t think I could ever find the perfect way to say ‘thank you’, but I am so grateful for the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust’s support. Without it, I could not fulfil my ambitions and help to reduce my country’s lack of skilled personnel.

Diana – MSc Environmental Governance – Tanzania
I applied for the scholarship to come and do this course because it was relevant to my undergraduate degree (BSc Environmental Sciences and Management), work experience and I have always been very passionate about environmental conservation. Another reason is that Tanzania faces a number of environmental governance-related problems, e.g. issues of transparency and accountability in natural resources management and challenges in policy formulation and implementation. Climate change is another challenge that has had a powerful impact on Tanzania, causing both extreme drought and heavy rain. These events lead to famine, hunger and food security problems, among many others. As a third world country with 70% of its people depending on agriculture for their livelihood, Tanzania’s people are particularly vulnerable to climate change.

I have had a wonderful experience at Manchester so far. The most interesting thing has been meeting different people from all over the world, learning so much from them and making new friends.

The most challenging thing for me has been adjusting to the assessment style here. Before coming to Manchester, I was used to written exams as the main way of being assessed, but here I am assessed solely on presentations and essays. Apart from the technicalities and the art of writing, English not being my first language has made it quite challenging, but I am putting my best effort into everything.

After graduation, I aspire to work with organisations/institutions in programmes and projects that seek to address the issues of environmental governance that Tanzania faces, and to the best of my ability put my knowledge and skills into practice. I also aspire to become a lecturer so that I can impart the knowledge I have gained to future practitioners in the field of environment in Tanzania.

I am very grateful for this opportunity. Without the Elnora Ferguson Equity & Merit Scholarship, it would be very hard to even think of studying here in Manchester, simply because of the costs. But I am so thankful; I know I will not leave Manchester the same as when I arrived, in every sense. Every day I grow more and more, both academically and socially. To me, my scholarship is an opportunity, a blessing, and fun!

Junior – MSc Medical Microbiology – Tanzania
juniorI was so excited to be given the opportunity to come study in Manchester. Considering that I come from a very small town, I had a number of mixed emotions going through my head and I was even a bit scared of coming to a big city and not knowing a single person. To my surprise, though, I have adapted well; the people here and the community at large are just so friendly.

My studies have been great so far. I love the lecturers’ enthusiasm for what they are teaching. The way they relate with each and every one of us in the class and help us when we get stuck is wonderful. The most exciting thing so far has been the labs. I get to use novel research and diagnostics techniques that I had previously only read about and could only imagine how they would work in a real-life setting. The use of software in bioinformatics has so far been the greatest challenge in my course, but I am certain that I will be an expert at it by September, given the large pool of experts available to help in the faculty. The first half of my course has been wonderful, and I have achieved so much more than I could have expected.

After graduation, I want to make a difference to the Tanzanian health sector, which so far has a limited number of experts in the field of medical microbiology. I will be able to work hand in hand with those trying to reduce the high numbers of misdiagnoses and the needless prescription of antibiotics across the health sector.

I would like to thank the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust for this opportunity. It is a great privilege to be one of the Equity and Merit scholars this year. It is scholarships like this that truly make a difference in this world, helping to make it a better place for everyone, whatever their background.

Emmanuel – MSc Management of Projects (Construction) – Rwanda
emmanuelBefore arriving at Manchester, my biggest fear was whether I would be able to meet the University’s high standards, compared to the universities in my home country. Now, after settling in, I can confidently say that I am doing well and enjoying it. The facilities that are available here are fantastic!

Rwanda is a developing country, and the construction sector is leading with the highest rate of growth. Infrastructure projects have taken the lead, with ongoing construction of roads, complex buildings, power plants and many other projects to come. I look forward to going back to my country and becoming an influential leader in the construction sector by ensuring the development of quality infrastructure facilities. With the knowledge gained from this degree programme, I will be able to manage any such infrastructure development projects.

I could not be where I am today without this scholarship, as I am entirely dependent on it for paying my bills, including rent, food and transport. It has challenged me to push myself and support others in achieving their goals, too. By helping me, the Trust also helped my family and my country. Thank you so much for your support!

Masatu – MSc Management of Projects (Engineering) – Tanzania
MasatuComing from Dar es Salaam, the thing that took me by surprise the most was the weather in Manchester. It took me a while and some changes in how I dress to get used to it. I love the city and, being a civil engineer, the city’s transportation and utility services, which I find very reliable.

I have made a lot of friends among my course mates. Spending time with the many international students in my class has improved my general global understanding and awareness. I also find the lectures here very interactive, encouraging students’ participation even outside of class. Most of my courses have discussion blogs where we can share ideas and ask questions whenever we like, and the lecturers are very approachable.

Studying the Master’s course here has made me realise how indispensable project management is to the success of projects. My short-term goal is to become a competent project manager who will work in transport sector development projects. My long-term goal is to work on projects across the energy, mining and agriculture sectors. With the knowledge that I possess and the practical experience that I will obtain, I can then begin working as a project management consultant.

The support I receive through the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust has made my dream of studying at Manchester come true. I am doing very well in my studies and I am enjoying the experience of studying in one of the world’s best-performing higher education institutions. I will surely return home a better person and a competent professional.