I’m just writing to you again to thank you for the support you gave me with my fundraising last year. I got back just over a week ago so I’ve had time to settle back into life now. While in Nicaragua me and nine other volunteers were living with several host families in the tiny village of La Laguna, Dipilto, with a population of about 200 people. There we carried out the first half of a project themed on hygiene, water and sanitation. We principally spent most our time holding awareness raising events with the community on topics such as dental hygiene, safe hand-washing and waste management. We additionally spent time planting trees, fixing the community water source, training a local entrepreneur in promotion of the ‘compost-eco-latrine’ and building various sanitation technologies. Also I along with a few of the others volunteers ran some after-school English classes with the local kids, which I thoroughly enjoyed.This is only to give you a basic idea of where the financial help you gave me went, for which I will be forever grateful. I had my ups and downs throughout of course but it was an experience I will never forget and will stay with me forever. I will soon be undertaking a different minor project here in Llanfoist as the last part of the programme. I honestly can’t thank you enough or express how essential your help was to me, and I look forward to contacting you again soon.

Also, I’ve enclosed a few photos of the programme here as well so you can have a look at where we were.

Many thanks,
Kim Best